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Our Vision


Gantom develops leading-edge interactive technologies and market strategies that encourage face-to-face communication. We believe in enhancing the "human factor" with technology, not replacing it. We make money by providing social value, not by creating the next app that gets people hooked to screens.

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Our Expertise


We are internationally proven leaders in tech, education, and business with passion to create a brighter future. Our credibility comes from the challenges we've overcome, the companies we've built, and the network of human capital that we can access. We don't just talk, we do the work to turn our vision into reality.

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Our Portfolio


Gantom is a full-spectrum platform that not only brings new technologies to market, but we can influence the key decision makers through our leadership symposiums and publications. Our growing portfolio consists of properties that tie our mission together with a single thread: connecting people to the real world.

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Gantom USA HQ

28358 Constellation Rd, Valencia, California 91355, United States

Gantom China HQ

Yuzhou Square #501, Pudong, Shanghai 200216, China,