Gantom and Techni-lux: Lighting Jokers


Between 2015-2017, the interactive dark ride JUSTICE LEAGUE™: Battle for Metropolis opened in seven Six Flags locations: Arlington, TX; St. Louis, MO; Gurnee, IL; Jackson, NJ; Mexico City; Atlanta, GA; and Santa Clarita, CA (Six Flags Magic Mountain, in the greater Los Angeles area). In April 2019, the ride was honored with a TEA Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement that singled out the installation at Six Flags Magic Mountain. 

Bring a zombie chase to any space with ZTAG 2.0 by Gantom


Developed by the special effects lighting company Gantom, the wearable interactive gaming device is based on Thea Award-winning Torch Technology. Watch the ‘virus’ jump from zombie to human as guests interact with each other in multiple game formats.

Gantom partners Christmas at Gaylord Palms for 2019 Seasonal Attractions Symposium


A leader in atmospheric lighting effects, Gantom Lighting and Controls, is partnering Christmas at Gaylord Palms for the third annual Leadership Symposium for Seasonal Attractions 2019.

VIDEO: Behind the Screams of “Trick or Treat: Lights Out” Interactive Haunt Maze at Knott’s Scary Farm


Having made its debut during the Halloween season of 2012, “Trick or Treat” is currently the oldest running maze at Knott’s Scary Farm, where new walk-through attractions tend to rotate out every couple years or so. It being a fan favorite, the designers at Knott’s were hesitant to remove it this time around. But what about the possibility of adding something new?

Infrared Inspires the New Interactivity – Gantom


Gantom Torch Technology, developed by Gantom Lighting & Controls, received a Thea Award this year – a prestigious honor conferred by the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) that was in recognition of the technology’s creative potential.

Gantom LED fixtures light First World War Galleries in Australia


Lighting design by Benjamin Cisterne and customized Gantom SSL products provide enhanced lighting on dioramas in the Australian War memorial.

Gantom announces Seasonal Attraction Leadership Symposium 2018 aboard Queen Mary


Attendees will be treated to a Queen Mary tour, as well as a sneak preview of the attraction’s Halloween ‘Dark Harbor’ event.

Taking place on July 30th, 2018, the theme of this year’s symposium is ‘First Impressions’. Presentations will focus on crafting memorable first impressions using the key elements of elevation, insight, pride, and connection.

Colouring the Popcorn Revenge


Belgium – Award-winning lighting and visual design practice Painting with Light (PWL) was commissioned by interactive media and attractions specialist Alterface to light the new Popcorn Revenge dark ride at the Walibi Belgium theme park.

IAAPA 2018: not to be missed at the IAAPA Attractions Expo this week


Gantom manufactures the world’s smallest intelligent spotlights. Designers that want to hide fixtures in plain sight, while achieving superior color quality at low voltage, choose Gantom. Gantom illuminates every major theme park worldwide, along with museums, zoos, aquariums, event halls, theaters, and specific high-profile architecture projects.

Developing Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park’s Haunted Mine Drop.


Most of us have had the experience of stepping into an elevator on the top floor of a high building, watching the doors close, and wondering—at least for a few seconds—what would it feel like if the elevator’s mechanism failed and we plummeted floor after floor down the shaft.

Winter (Illumination) is coming – Morton Arboretum and the value of seasonal events


Seasonal events can be of enormous benefit to attractions, bringing in new visitors and giving old ones a reason to return. The Illumination winter event at Morton Arboretum has been a great success and provides a model for what other attractions can achieve.

Backstage: Technical crews, meet your new best friends


Tools are out there that you just don’t know you need – because you haven’t heard of them. Once you do, you’ll wonder just how you ever survived without them. Here are four such devices… Gantom lights