5G / AR / Livestream

The future in entertainment is bringing the online world to real life. As video games becomes more physical (VR, AR, MR), there is a push for higher bandwidth and more advanced live visualizations. We are harnessing leading-edge technologies to drive a physically, socially, and mentally active type  of entertainment that is beneficial to all participants.

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Gantom Torch Technology

Our Thea Award winning technology is used in many top attractions worldwide to provide an immersive guest experience. Props (flashlights, headlamps, or lanterns) give guests a false sense of control and are controlled by the show.

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Lighting Control Systems

Technology must be invisible to the guest in order to create the magic of an immersive environment. We have several patents on making the most compact lighting control system on the market. Our tech is used by every major themed attraction worldwide.

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Based on Gantom Torch Technology, ZTAG is a social and interactive game that gets kids off of cell phones and actively playing face-to-face with low-cost wearables. We are rapidly developing applications in entertainment, events, and education that will employ 5G, MR, and AI. 

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Gantom Lighting & Controls

Gantom Lighting & Controls produces the world's smallest intelligent lighting fixtures used in immersive environments. Top themed attractions use our products to create the "magic" of their atmosphere.

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Junitel R&D

Based in Shanghai, China, our R&D lab consists of state-of-the-art product development equipment that allows to bring ideas from napkin sketch to physical product in a matter of hours. 



ZTAG brings video games to real life in a physically and socially active way. By combining eSports and traditional sports, we are creating the new sport of the 21st century called zSports!

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We add value to corporate events through ice-breakers and social games. Check out how people interact when you make a meeting into a game!

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Education doesn't have to be boring, it also shouldn't be delivered only through a screen. The ZTAG platform can give a new physically and socially active spin to learning.

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Theme Parks

Gantom Torch enables a new level of immersion between scenery and guest. It enables guest to participate in a real-life video game.

Halloween Attractions

Gantom Torch has been used by countless haunted attractions to give the guest a false sense of security as they explore the darkness. The Gantom Torch will flicker and vibrate in sync with the thunder and lightning of the scene, it can even shut off, right before an actor jumps out for the scare!

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Escape Rooms

The Gantom Torch Escape Edition allows hidden clues (activated by ultraviolet light) to be revealed to the guest as they explore an escape room. 

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Themed Entertainment

We make the most compact DMX controllable lighting fixtures and control systems in the world. Theme parks such as Disney and Universal use Gantom fixtures to illuminate their scenery without equipment distracting the guest.

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Gantom lighting fixtures are the secret weapon for lighting designers when they want to create a colorful atmosphere within traditional architectural applications. The compactness of our fixtures allow them to adapt into virtually any environment.

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Custom Applications

Customers always find creative ways to integrate our products. Many times Gantom Lighting & Controls works directly with designers to develop custom solutions.

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Gantom Media

Seasonal Entertainment Source Magazine

Seasonal Entertainment Source is a quarterly magazine assisting seasonal attraction professionals to achieve more through in-depth education. Our readers range from designers to attraction owners and vendors to students.

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Seasonal Entertainment Leadership Symposium

December 9, 2019

Fight Mediocrity at your attraction at the Leadership Symposium for Seasonal Attractions hosted by Christmas at Gaylord Palms.

We provide attraction industry leaders an intense day of learning they can use to combat mediocrity and make their events both memorable and profitable.

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Marketing Your Attraction Podcast

The "Marketing Your Attraction" Podcast is essential listening for every member of the Attractions Industry, including theme parks, haunted houses, escape rooms, family fun centers and more. Every episode takes listeners on a deep dive into a different marketing topic and how it applies to the Attractions Industry.

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